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This is the youngest division of the BBraun company, which has been actively present in the market for the past 150 years. This part of the company is focused on research and production of materials required in the treatment of acute and chronic renal failure.
Using the latest achievements in modern technology, the division has developed innovative solutions for best treatment methods.


Acute dialysis

Acute dialysis is used for renal replacement in acute renal failure applying continuous dialysis techniques. Basic information:
- Diapact is a machine for a continuous renal replacement therapy method for treatment of acute renal failure, also used for plasmapheresis and plasma absorbtion/perfusion. The machine is intended for use in intensive care units. Being easy to transport, it can be used wherever there is a need for this method of treatment. It uses ready-to-use Duosol sterile solutions, lines and filters dependant on the method applied.
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- Hemodialysis is used in the treatment of renal failure. Hereby we state only basic information:
Dialog is the haemodialysis machine of a newer generation. There are several versions of the machine tailored to the needs of the end users, i.e. Haemodialysis Centre. The machine with the aid of the new programme Biologic RR solves in a unique and demonstrably efficient way the problem of blood pressure reduction caused by dialysis therapy. Nexadia is a programme enabling connecting (networking) of several Dialog + machines into a single information unit.

- Consumable materials: dialysers, haemodialysis solutions, A/V lines, dialysis needles, disinfection products and the like.

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Other methods
LDL apheresis, plasmapheresis, hemoperfusion,absorbtion
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