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GAMI Light






GAMI light is a device designed to purify air of microorganisms and viruses in enclosed working or living spaces. Its operating principle is based on the fact that microorganisms are nor resistant to ultraviolent radiation of 253,7 nm wavelength. Forced circulation of the air in a room through the UV radiation source located in the device purifies the air and returns it into the room. Thus, air in a room may be purified to varying levels, dependent on a pollution level and inflow of unpurified air into the room.


- Device Dimensions:
   115 mm (width)
   1055 mm (height)
   120 mm (depth)
- Device weight: 3,5 kg
- Capacity: 100 m3 / h
- Voltage: 230 V/50 HZ
   also adapted to the voltage of 120 V / 60 HZ
- Power consumption: 50 W
- Placement:
  Wall mounted minimum 60 cm above the floor
- Degree of protection: IP 20


 UV radiation protection is ensured by special device construction ensuring a safe stay in the room while the GAMI light is in operation.
The housing construction is made of UV resistant, special plexiglass of 4 mm thickness allowing all the parts of the light spectrum to pass but the UV spectrum, which provides for this device’s additional function of the light source and its long lifespan.
It has a built-in Philips UV radiation source in compliance with the latest international standards, with a lifetime of more than 2 000 hours. The power of the built-in UV radiation source is 30 W.
The device also has a 50 micron input filter for protection against dust particles and other mechanical impurities from the room which is purified.
The entire device is equipped with electronics that detect and signalise any weakening or stoppage in the operation of the lamp caused by any failure.


During the use, the interior of the device as well as the UV radiation source should be occasionaly cleaned with a disinfectant and the input filter replaced.
If discolorations appear on the inside of the UV radiation source, the same should be immediately replaced by a new one, even before the expiration date.
The lamp can be opened for the purpose of maintenance and servicing only when it is turned



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